Pre-registration for the Ramsey 1940s Weekend 2022

Stand by for 2022!

As part of our new booking system we are inviting exhibitors and traders to register your interest in attending the 2022 show using the simple form on the right of this text.  This is not the booking system and no money will be taken for simply registering.

There are a number of reasons we want to do this.  They include

  • Underpinning our booking system, making the whole process simpler.
  • Aiding our planning of the event much earlier in the process.
  • Enable us to identify aspects of the 1940s under represented at the show.

Registering you interest in attending doesn't commit you to turning up.  We know there are many things that could stop you attending - just look at the last 18 months.  That said we really would love to welcome you to the show!

The information you supply will be held on a secure database in accordance with GDPR instruction.  We will never give your data to third parties.